Jagdabzeichen Jagdlicher Bruch Standesbruch Schützenbruch
Jagdlicher Bruch Trauerbruch Standesbruch Schützenbruch Beutebruch Hutabzeichen

Jagdabzeichen: Coniferous brooch

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This hunt insignia featuring a twig is handmade in my workshop in Vienna. If no stock is available it can be made to order out of sterling silver.

This motif is known in the alpine regions as "Beute-, Schützen- or Standesbruch" and features a twig from an evergreen tree that has the ability to survive adverse weather and is a symbol of longevity and eternity.

Jagdabzeichen Trauerbruch oder Schützenbrch

Each individual pine is cut by hand in order to achieve a spectacular effect.

Would you like to learn more about why some hunters place twigs on their hats? Then read our blog: a bindle of twigs is strong

Bruch: Beutebruch, Schützenbruch, Standesbruch oder Trauerbruch

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Hutabzeichen Jagd


Hutnadel Jagd

Hutabzeichen Jäger

Jagdabzeichen Hut 

Abzeichen für den Jagdhut