What is a Jagdabzeichen exactly?

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What exactly are hunt insignias?

Hunting insignias are hat badges for hunters that have long been part of our alpine hunting tradition. According to legend, this originated in imperial and royal Bohemia. In the 19th century, gamekeepers began to receive trophies in the form of badges for their shooting achievements.

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Even today, many hunters like to collect and wear hunting badges on their hats to show their affinity to the game and forest.


 About the origin of the hunting badge tradition Hubert Count Voikffy wrote that as a small simple sign of togetherness someone thought to have a small symbol of his family or residence, decorated in hunting style, made.

 Elsewhere Johannes Schwarzenberg (1903-1978) wrote in his memoirs "The servants received new liveries, the coachmen got new coats. An own hunting insignia, to be put on the hats of all huntsmen and gamekeepers, was embossed".

An alpine hunting tradition: Jagdabzeichen

Hunting badges (=Jagdabzeichen) are badges awarded to hunters to mark their achievements, skills and qualifications in the field of hunting. These badges can be awarded by owners of a hunters, hunting associations or state authorities.

Hunting badges can have different levels or categories, depending on the skills acquired and the hunting activities carried out. For example, they could be focused on specific types of wildlife or hunting methods. These badges can also emphasise compliance with legal regulations and ethical standards to ensure that hunting is carried out in a sustainable and responsible manner.

 These are traditionally worn on a cap.

 The exact requirements and criteria for obtaining a hunting badge may vary depending on the hunting district or hunting organisation. However, they help to raise hunters' awareness of their role as conservationists and preservers of the environment, while honouring the traditions and skills of hunting.

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Jagdabzeichen vs Jagdschutzabzeichen

A Jagdabzeichen should not be confused with a Jagdschutzabzeichen since they are two different badges in the context of hunting. A Jagdschutzabzeichen is worn by hunting protection officer in order to identify themselves and to clarify their powers in the context of hunting supervision. It serves to make their legal position and responsibilities visible. On the other hand, a Jagdabzeichen is awarded for special achievements in the field of hunting. This badge recognises a hunter's skills, experience and achievements and can have different levels or categories depending on the achievements. While the Jagdschutzabzeichen emphasises the role in the field of hunting supervision, the Jagdabzeichen badge focuses on the recognition of individual skills and achievements in the hunting context.

The correct wearing of the Jagdschutzabzeichen (= literally hunting protection badge) has been pointed out several times in the magazine "Oö. Jäger". Nevertheless, readers note that some hunting protection bodies attach it improperly to the hat, which does not seem appropriate. The reason for this incorrect wearing is unclear - possibly for aesthetic reasons or to distinguish themselves from other hunters. In preparation courses for the "Jagdhüterprüfung" in Upper Austria, one learns the correct use of the Jagdschutzabzeichen according to the Upper Austrian Hunting Law.

"According to the Upper Austrian Hunting Act, hunting protection bodies have to carry the identity card with them when performing their duties and wear the Jagdschutzabzeichen, the external form of which is to be determined by law of the Provincial Government, in a clearly visible manner."

See the following article: Richtiges Tragen des Jagdschutzabzeichens

Jagdschutzabzeichen vs Jagdabzeichen

It is clearly defined when and how the badge is to be worn: the Jagdschutzabzeichen is to be worn visibly on the outer garment on the left side of the chest.

Furthermore, a hunting protection person is only authorised to wear the  Jagdschutzabzeichen in his designated hunting area.

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