Hutabzeichen Grandeln Jagdabzeichen

Hutabzeichen: Grandeln Jagdabzeichen

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This deer hunt brooch features what is sometimes referred to as Austrian ivory (in German Grandeln) and comes in sterling silver. It is handmade in my Vienna workshop.

Beautiful Finish. The Pin on the back is tight and perfect.

It can be made to order with 

  • your preferred engraving

As this is a bespoke sterling silver item made to order please inquire before placing the order.

Grandeln Hutabzeichen Jagdabzeichen

Hunting Badges featuring the deer's teeth as a trophy on a sterling silver hatpin - unique hunting insignias and hat pins.

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For the visually impaired this page contains references to

Hutabzeichen Jagd




Hutnadel Jagd

Hutabzeichen Jäger

Jagdabzeichen Hut 

Abzeichen für den Jagdhut