Jagdabzeichen are insignias for the hunting community

Jagdabzeichen (as they are called in German) are hunt insignias that have been a part of the Austrian hunting tradition for centuries. In the 19th century, marksmen began to receive these trophies (in what is today Bohemia)  in the form of insignias for their shooting achievements. Today, many people still enjoy collecting and wearing hunting badges as a way to show their love of the sport.

hunting insignia jagdabzeichen unique designs made by hand

Hunting is an art few have mastered. It's not just a craft, it's a philosophy of life. I make hunting insignias for real hunters who live and maintain these traditions. We offer high-quality and durable products with which you can live out your passion. Remember: all my bespoke items are handmade in Vienna.

bespoke heraldry and heraldic items made from silver

Although I now live in the city of Vienna, I grew up in the country and was exposed to shooting sports from an early age. This experience has given me a unique insight into our countryside heritage and traditions, which I hope the next generation will continue to uphold! 

 In Austria and Germany, hunting is a respected tradition that is carefully regulated. Hunters must pass a hunting test and obtain a license, and must meet certain state culling targets to keep forest & game in balance.

Hunting insignias are often presented to a champion shot after the hunt as an acknowledgment and thanks. These are usually worn on the hunting hat. Reference Jagdabzeichen

Welcome to my blog. I hope that I can offer a platform here to share experiences and knowledge. The focus will be on hunting and its associated rural customs, and hopefully I can provide insight into how this living tradition of hunting is an integral part of our heritage. Thank you for reading!

November 2022

Schlossseiten Magazin Sophie Salm Jagdjuwelier

You can read up about my craftmanships as well as my hunting insignias (Jagdabzeichen) on the November edition of Schlossseiten.

 March 2022

I have been a busy bee. How do you like this raging bull for a princely family? The item is cast in 18ct Gold as well as Sterling Silver.

jagdabzeichen stier auersperg jagdjuwelier wien

January 2022

Have you ever wondered about the steps involved in finishing a silver cast?

Here is an example of a silicone mold I made for a badge featuring a boar's head. This was inspired by a Majestic wild boar, sus scrofa, with wet fur looking over the clearing.

As you can see the silver cast has a rough surface and needs a lot of work before it can go into the hands of a new owner!

jagdabzeichen keiler boars head wild boar hunting badge

 The above hunting insignia (= Jagdabzeichen) must go through many processes before the finished product can be presented to a marksman as a sign of recognition and thanks after a hunt. 

November 2021

Monogramed Silver: why not order this beposke badge with your initials?

Jagdabzeichen Hase oder Zibbe mit Wunsch initialen monogramm


The Maltese (or St.Johns or Amalfi) cross is an eight-pointed cross and a national symbol of Malta as well as the former Maritime Republic of Amalfi and is currently a symbol of various Christian orders.

Jagdabzeichen Bruch Malteser Johanniter Amalfi Kreuz Sturzeis

The eight points of the eight-pointed cross have been given a number of symbolic interpretations, such as the "eight obligations or aspirations" of the knights. The pine tree is an evergreen tree that has the ability to survive adverse weather and is a symbol of longevity and eternity. Combined both symbols are a powerful representation of the Christian faith.

Autumn 2021

Prototype for a 2022 project.

Jagdabzeichen African fertility symbol

Fun project based on an african fertility symbol combined with a family coat of arms.

Jagdabzeichen Nigerian warrior

June 2021

The Order of Malta as well as its Auxiliary Service help people in need. Every year hundreds of new members swell their ranks! Godspeed!

Sterling silver hunting badge on a gold plated twig.

May 2021

Symbolism combined with a Logo. 


September 2020

This chamois on a hunters trumpet is available for general purchase. Did you know that female and male chamois have horns and the trophies are notoriously difficult to tell apart?

Jagdabzeichen gams gemse waidmansheil

Support small businesses so we can continue making the fabulous hunt badges (Jagdabzeichen).


August 2020

I never bore (geddit??) working on a wild boar. This was a fun commission for a meticolous client. 

Jagdabzeichen boar keiler wmh

April 2020

Another badge made for the general public. I tried to keep it as simple as possible. This Ibex is one of my favourite animals.

jagdabzeichen steinbock ibex salm jagdjuwelier

March 2020

A Chamois hunting badge that is available for general purchase.

jagdabzeichen gams gämse jagdjuwelier


February 2020

This was a labour of love. Made for a private estate in Bohemia the end result is strikingly beautiful.

jagdabzeichen czernin keiler waffen mit wappen

October 2019

I am extremely excited and proud of the October 2019 Halali Magazine issue:

Halali Magazine featuring Sophie Salm Jagdabzeichen

What a fantastic experience to have been features in Issue 4 / 2019 of Halali Magazine. Halali is the trumpet signal announcing the end of a hunt across Germany and Austria. Click the link on the above picture to read the article.

September 2019

The Alpine ibex (Capra ibex), aka Steinbock or Bouquetin, is a species of wild goat whose habitat are the mountains of the European Alps. It was a joy to make this hunting trophy over the summer.

 Steinbock Ibex Jagdabzeichen Wien Halder

It is one of my finest pieces to date! 

From a Prototype to a finished masterpiece:

Prototyp eines Jagdabzeichen nicht von der Sturzeis

This piece made from Sterling Silver was commissioned over the summer. It is handmade in my workshop near the Vienna Opera. Front and Back view.

Waidmansheil in Steinbock als Jagdabzeichen nicht vom Halder oder Sturzeis

July 2019

Trophies depicting Chamois (aka Rupicapra rupicapra or Gams) in Sterling Silber. In German these trophies are known as Jagdabzeichen. 

Jagdabzeichen Gams Gamswild Gebirgsjäger

June 2019

Design is so simple. That is why it is so complicated.

Jagdabzeichen weder von Sturzeis noch von Halder

 Hunting trophy can be made from 2 colours to achieve a better contrast.

Jagdabzeichen mit Monogram und Krone

June 2019

Let me know if you need something done with your hunting trophies.

trophy hunting and gefasste grandln jagdjuwelier

May 2019

A hunting trophy for my favorite huntress!

Grandlschmuck jagdjuwelier wien


March 2019

Going the extra mile. This brooch is cut by hand.

jagdjuwelier brosche grandln

Trophies that can be worn on a hat or as a brooch.

jagdabzeichen halder juwelier salm

Luxury does not have to cost the earth.

jagdjuwelier jagdtrophäe jägerin brosche

February 2019

Jagdabzeichen hunting trophies for Grandln

A beautiful custom from Austrian and Germany. 

trophy hunting jagdabzeichen michaelaplatz jagdjuwelier

We are the total sum of our experiences. For some hunting is a way of life.

November 2018

I love it when a plan comes together. 

jagdabzeichen aus der silbermanufaktur sophie salm in Wien

Step by step guide: (1) use an excellent German casting service (2) clean the casts made from sterling silver (3) polish and buff.

Jagdabzeichen aus Wien

October 2018

Celebrating the hunting season with an interesting trophy.

Grandln or grandeln as a hunting trophy or jagdabzeichen

A picture celebrating the completion of a bespoke set of hunting badges.

handgemachte jagdabzeichen in silber oder messing

September 2018

Finishing the first prototype is somewhat nerve racking. Another prototype bites the dust!

Prototyp Jagdabzeichen Jagdjuwelier Sophie Salm Salm-Reifferscheidt

Waidmannsheil! Making these Jagdabzeichen (Hunters badges) to order has been such fun! How to translate Jagdjuwelier into English???? Answers on a postcard please!

Jagdabzeichen Konvolut Jagdjuwelier Wien Sophie Salm


August 2018

My recipe for success? Inspiration, enthusiasm, energy, and creativity. What is your secret?

Jagdabzeichen Jagdjuwelier Wien Sophie Salm

Feel free to call with some new designs!

July 2018

Despite the great weather I have been working on some new designs. This sketch was finished according to the client wishes. Feeling excited!

Jagdabzeichen Jagdjuwelier Sophie Salm

Check out my blog entry from Mai 2018! From sketch to finished product. Let me be part of your adventure. Remember to tell your friends about the friendly Sophie Salm Silversmith!

Jagdabzeichen Silbermanufaktur Wien Sophie Salm

June 2018

Instead of making a new mould from an old cast I decided to make a completely new prototype.

Jagdabzeichen aus SIlber

Never be afraid of change. Old ways will not open new doors.

 If you think it is time for a fresh start then get in touch!

Mai 2018

Whilst my other 3 designs are in production I wanted to give you a sneak preview of a design that incorporated so-called "Grandeln".

More updates coming soon!

Mai 2018

Sneak preview of a German design.

Looking forward to showing you more updates!

April 2018

Currently I am working on 3 (!!!) new designs. Hope to show you some updates soon.

March 2018

We love this European tradition of Jagdabzeichen. Here the owner of a hunt can give to his guests a trophy to commemorate a particular good hunt. Let me help you design such a Jagdabzeichen.  Godspeed!

Handgefertigtes Jagdabzeichen

December 2017

Pleased to showcase some of my work at Wallnerstrasse 3 in Vienna.

Looking forward to an exciting 2018!

December 2017

Why-oh-why do some people still believe they can charge a small fortune for these items? I make these in my workshop in Vienna and they are such fun things to do. Waidmannsheil

Waid mehr als nur Sau Jagdabzeichen Salm