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Alpine hunting traditions

Welcome to my blog! Here I will be sharing my pasion for creating unique and beautiful jewellery pieces. My clients have allowed me to create some stunning pieces that are inspired by the natural beauty around me.

What is a Jagdabzeichen

I guess for an english speaker we would call these Jagdabzeichen something along the lines of brooches that are worn on a hat

 Jagdabzeichen Picture Gallery

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 Hope you liked the above work! Real stories to tell!

 Abzeichen für Jäger

hunting insignia jagdabzeichen unique designs made by hand

History of Jagdabzeichen

In the 19th century, marksmen began to receive trophies (in what was formerly the Austrian Hungarian Empire)  in the form of insignias for their shooting achievements. Hubert Count of Vojkffy wrote about the origins of the hunting insignia traditions that, as a small, simple sign of togetherness, someone thought of having a small symbol of their family or their place of residence made, decorated with various hunting motifs made. Elsewhere Prince Schwarzenberg remembered: “The valet received new liveries, the coachmen got new overcoats. A separate hunt insignia to be placed on the hats of all huntsmen and gamekeepers was minted”. Follow my German language blog Jagdjuwelier - Einzigartige Hutnadeln (sowie Jagdschmuck) aus Wien, Österreich here.

 Have you seen our Jagdabzeichen featuring wild boars as a motif?

Jagdabzeichen collection

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Hutabzeichen für die Jagd

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Hunting insignias