Wild Boars: it is not all hogwash

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Wild boar hunting in the Alpine region

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The wild boar, known also as sus scrofa, lives widespread almost worldwide. They are smart animals, extremely adaptable, live in forests, and like to enter into towns and cities, as they are not afraid of humans. This poses certain dangers.


In order to preserve the BIOLOGICAL DIVERSITY and the fine balance of ecologic systems, as well as to minimize potential damage to agriculture, wild boars are hunted heavily in Alpine countries. As the numbers of wild boars increase, the DAMAGE also increases exponentially: ransacked fields, damaged vineyards and orchards, destroyed gardens, damaged forests and overturned garbage cans are some of the problems associated with wild boar populations.

jagdabzeichen frischling orlandis de pisa

Jagdabzeichen features crest Orlandi de Pisa


Some observers even speak of out of control population growths: wild boars can even triple their population within a year - due to early sexual maturity and the current mild winters. This results in increased food supply, They are omnivorous animals and rarely suffer from hunger as they eat fresh fruits, cereals, beets, insects and anything else they find on their travels.

However, they do need water, not only for drinking, but they also to wallow in the mud.

They live in groups, which is led by a female (the oldest, strongest mother animal). Males live as with the group for up to a year and a half, but are then driven away and live as loners. These grow up to 150kg, sometimes even larger, whilst the females are somewhat smaller.

In the wild they reach an age of up to 7 years , in captivity they reach up to 20 years of age. The increasing population numbers are caused not only by changes in climate and the greater availability of food, but also by the absence of any serious ENEMIES: wolf, lynx and eagle owl are only a threat to young boars. However these 3 enemies are themselves are rare occurences in the modern world. This only leaves swine fever as a threat to the current wild boar population. This poses a certain danger, especially since a transmission to the domestic pig population should be avoided.

For all these reasons hunters try to control these ever growing wild boar populations. These hunts are prescribed by law and are a necessary to keep nature in balance.


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