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Jagdabzeichen: designing your unique insignia

Jagdabzeichen: designing your unique insignia

In order to fashion your unique Jagdabzeichen or hunting insignia we need to decide on a concept before the design can begin. Designing such a masterpiece requires a few considerations:

1. Which game is found in the specific territory?

2. Which animal or combination of animals shall adorn the Jagdabzeichen or hunt insignia?


3. A draft or simple drawing of the items to be incorporated is helpful to determine the visual impact. A good sketch helps to structure the design and establish the ideal proportions.

4. You can incorporate a variety of elements, not only trophies, but also your initials or your family crest are possible.

5. Nevertheless, the final product should be easy and clear to recognize. So go step by step and remember that your design will be beautiful, elegant and unique. Your imagination should know no limits.

Feel free to reach out to me at shop@sophiesalm.com to discuss your ideas! I look forward to hearing from you. 

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