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Jagdabzeichen: maltese cross badge in sterling silver

Jagdabzeichen: maltese cross badge in sterling silver

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This maltese cross hunt insignia or badge is handmade in my workshop in Vienna. If no stock is available it can be made to order out of sterling silver.

Hunt insignia or badge featuring an Amalfi, Maltese or St.Johns cross on a sterling silver twig.

The Maltese (or St.Johns or Amalfi) cross is an eight-pointed cross and a national symbol of Malta as well as the former Maritime Republic of Amalfi and is currently a symbol of various Christian orders.

The eight points of the eight-pointed cross have been given a number of symbolic interpretations, such as the "eight obligations or aspirations" of the knights. The pine tree is an evergreen tree that has the ability to survive adverse weather and is a symbol of longevity and eternity. Combined both symbols are a powerful representation of the Christian faith.

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Hutabzeichen Jagd


Hutnadel Jagd

Hutabzeichen Jäger

Jagdabzeichen Hut 

Abzeichen für den Jagdhut

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