MMM salzburg jagd abnormes geweih jagdabzeichen

Hunt insignia Jagdabzeichen: unusual antler

This hunt insignia or badge features an unusual antler as a trophy from a hunt in Hungary. Please note: this hunting badge is NOT available for general sale and was made to order for a customer.

These badges are often referred to as Jagdabzeichen on the European continent and are traditionally worn by hunters on their caps. Let Vienna's premier silversmith make your bespoke high-quality and durable hunting insignia ( Jagdabzeichen ) with which you can live out your passion.

I make this personally in my workshop in Vienna from sterling silver.

In German:  Handwerkskunst trifft auf Jagdabzeichen – nach Ihrem Wunsch gefertigte Hutnadeln aus dem Hause Sophie Salm der Jagdjuwelier aus Wien. Gelebtes Brauchtum - abnormes Geweih als Wunschmotiv. Blog: alles rund um Jagdabzeichen

Jagdabzeichen Abnormes Geweih


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Hutabzeichen Jagd


Abnormes Geweih