Everyday Heraldry - Bespoke Sterling Silver

June 2023

Why not combine a Jagdabzeichen with a family crest?

jagdabzeichen familienwappen



June 2022

Following the fantastic response to our vintage keepsake box we have teamed up with a German artisan to produce handamde wooden boxes. These feature a metal inlay with your favourite motif!

Jagdabzeichen Keiler jagdbox wild boar in flight 

If you wish to use your family crest or your coat of arms feel free to get in touch.

jagdbox wappen mit family crest salm salm-salm jagdjuwelier

We have even adapted an existing hunters badge to decorate these lovely boxes. Anything (almost) is possible.

jagdabzeichen mit keiler und wappen jagdjuwelier wien

Mai 2022

And now for something completely different...

trophäenschild trophäenbrett wappen jagdabzeichen

Mai 2022

This was a fantastic project to realise. This 19th century box was adapted with a sterling silver boar in flight.

Jagdjuwelier holz jagdbox jagabzeichen Keiler

These boxes are great gifts in order to store important hunting trophies that may otherwise get lost.

jagdbox Keiler Jagdjuwelier holz

This makes a great gift for someone who allready has most toys.

jagdbox holz mit jagabzeichen Keiler jagdjuwelier

Let me know if you wish to order a similar trophy box.

April 2022

A commission for a former member of 1ST THE QUEEN'S DRAGOON GUARDS, BRITISH ARMY. Interestingly enough they use the Austria Hungarian Double Headed Eagle as a badge. 

Get in touch if you are looking for a similar item. Bespoke services are available.

February 2022

Brass picture frame with integrated Logo or heraldry. 

family crest picture frame clan stewart pelican piety

The above brass picture frame has an integrated clan Stewart badge featuring the pelican in her piety. The frame can be fully dismantled for ease of cleaning and the constituent parts have not been glued together.

Get in touch if you would like to order a similar frame with your badge, logo or family crest.

This is a great anniversary gift. Make sure you order early enough as this item is a bepsoke order.

December 2021

 Bespoke leather guestbook

Given the fantastic feedback on the linen guestbooks  I have decided to expand the range to include a vintage looking handbound leather guestbook.

handgebundes jagdgästebuch mit jagdabzeichen



These handmade leather guestbooks are made from prime European hides and can be customised with initials, family crests or hunting motifs.

bespoke family crest handbound guestbook wappen croy handgebundenes gästebuch

Size as seen above is A4.

Bespoke Lamps

It is always exciting to make a new product. I never know if the finished product is going to be as good as I envisaged. Now and again the finished result leaves me speechless.

These table lamps can be ordered with any bepsoke motif.

bespoke table lamp family crests fürstenkrone salm-salm weine und sekt salm

Clan Stewart: the story of this scottish clan's crest.

The Pelican is not a native species to Scotland, so why did one of the largest scottish clans adopt this animal?

clan stewart scottish pelican piety family crest

The idea of a "pelican in her piety" wounding herself for the sake of her young gained a religious connotation and became a symbol for Jesus Christ and his sacrificial death and resurrection.

Let me know if you would like to purchase one of my bespoke table lamps.

November 2021

With christmas approaching fast, I need to finish these sterling silver covers for a lighter. In Austria we light candles on our advent wreaths to celebrate each coming advent sunday.

bespoke heraldry heraldic items for your family crest


I handcraft my bespoke silver items in my workshop in Vienna.

handcrafted silversmith heraldic items heraldry and family crest


October 2021

I have exapnded the range and now have guest books in A4 and A5 format.

Gästebuch Guest book with heraldic motif

These guestbooks can be ordered with heraldic or hunting motifs.

Bespoke linen guestbooks jagdabzeichen

These can be ordered in grey, red, green and blue linen.

gästebuch hochzeit sturzeis tacoli 

Mai 2021

Guestbooks are a wonderful gift idea. These can be decorated with Initials or motifs inspired by heraldry.

Add a personal touch to your home!

Handbound Guestbook with Initials or hunting motifs. Linen covers are available in a range of colours. A5 size with circa 80 pages.

September 2018

A lighter case to help light candles in the dark season. Made for a dear friend. Will it become an heirloom?

Bethlen heraldry heirloom to celebrate marriage

June 2018

Polish coat of arms are shared amongst specific families in a similar way to Scotish tartans. The Polish nobility that is allowed to use these family arms and family crests are referred to as Szlachta. 

Herb szlachecki LeliwaLeliwa her szlachecki spinki do mankietów

You can purchase the above sterling silver Leliwa coat of arms with correct family crest here. Send me an email!


Mai 2018

Kinsky von Wchinitz und Tettau are a prominent noble family that originated in the Kingdom of Bohemia and flourished in the Habsburg empire. These bespoke sterling silver cufflinks are part of a series (firelighter, tea spoons, etc)  we created for members of the family. The simple design of the Kinsky arms make a great relief image in silver.

I hope you like the image as much as I enjoyed making the items. 

April 2018

These cufflinks were a real labour of love! Often with heraldic cufflinks "less is more" approach works really well. Because only 1 charge was used I was able to model a relief style cufflink (these are simply my favourite style). Again in sterling silver.

April 2018

Welcome to a place where products have real stories to tell. We just produced a sterling silver lighter case with the coat of arms of a historic Austrian family Kinsky (aka Kinsky von Wchinitz und Tettau ). Fits a small Bic lighter.

The client was so happy he ordered some cufflinks with the same motif!

April 2018

Just finished for Spanish client. The client decided to use a helmet instead of a crown (or crest). These cufflinks were made in sterling silver with a t-bar (for ease of use). 

March 2018

Just in time for Easter! Glad to hear the gift recipient loved his item.

April 2017

One for the Salm Family. One for the team so to speak.

January 2017

"Are you sure you want a monkey holding a mirror???" I asked incredulously. The answer was obviously yes. This is a monstrous undertaking I thought. But the end result was (more than) pleasing. On the left you can see the client brief.