Bespoke Handmade Belt Buckles

Handmade belt buckle

Bespoke, custom, hand-made trophy belt buckles for any occassion or because you deserve it. Any size, design, shape or metal. I will help you design yours or purchase one of our ready made buckles.

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How do I choose a belt buckle?

Simply stated you should go with your instinct. However you could also design your own belt buckle

Custom made belt buckles

This is a more labourious project, but one that can be rewarding and fun!

I will soon publish an article on how to design your own individual belt buckle. In the meantime you can make do with my introduction to belt buckles by following the link.

clan ranald badge belt buckle

above: Clan Ranald badge belt buckle

How do you wear a belt buckle belt?

To answer such questions and many more read my upcoming blog on custom made belt buckles. I will try and add more content as time allows!

Get in touch or look at some of my buckle designs. I have been a busy bee making up some new designs for the coming summer. I amthinking of making a series of alternative buckles.

Shall I make more? What to you think? Answers on a postcard please.

Why buy a custom belt buckle?

Individually made belt buckles Individually made belt buckles are also suitable as a very special gift - for example for birthdays, weddings or other important anniversaries.
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Send me your ideas or ideas by email to , and I will be happy to make you an offer for your very own belt buckle.


Looking for a Gift idea?

Surprise a loved one with a belt buckle made just for them. My belt buckles are fantastic gifts and should NOT be worn by the sartorially challenged!