Bespoke Handmade Belt Buckles

I have been a busy bee making up some new designs for the coming summer. I amthinking of making a series of alternative buckles. What to you think?
bespoke buckle shooting sports jagdabzeichen keiler fertigen
This 6cm x 4cm x 2mm buckle featuring a wild boar in flight will fit a 4cm wide belt.
Gürtelschnalle fertigen keiler wild boar bepsoke brass buckle
Our bespoke belt buckles made from brass can be customized with your logo of choice!
customized belt buckle with logo handmade
Bespoke belt buckles made from brass and sterling silver.
gurtelschnalle mit wappen heraldik belt buckle heraldry jagdabzeichen
Let your imagination run wild.
Handmade belt buckle with logo heraldry aston martin
Spring is here at last. Time for the great outdoors!
guertelschnalle jagd waidmannsheil
Let me make your bespoke belt buckle by hand. These are handmade by myself in Austria. We use Austrian and German suppliers and provide support to our local economy.
make your own belt buckle
I handmake your bespoke belt-buckle according to your designs and wishes.
order a handmade bespoke belt buckle
This is a great gift for the person who has it all.
fasan guertelschnalle belt buckle for lederhose
handgemachte  Gürtelschließen  Gürtelschnallen lederhose
I am happy to provide assistance to your design and your ideas.
lederhose  Gürtelschnalle handgemacht wappen
Let your imagination run wild.
guertelschnalle wappen handgefertigt heraldik familienwappen
These examples can be worn to almost anything.
bespoke belt buckle handgemachte guertelschnalle