Bespoke belt buckles handmade to your wishes

Individually made belt buckles

Individually made belt buckles are also suitable as a very special gift - for example for birthdays, weddings or other important anniversaries. Send me your ideas by email, I'll be happy to make you an offer for your very own belt buckle.


What makes a good belt?

A good belt always starts with a handmade belt buckle.

bespoke belt buckle gürtelschnalle manufaktur

Belt buckle types

These can be round or square. Belt buckles can be bought almost everywhere in a wide variety of designs, sizes and qualities. However, not all of these offers are right for everyone.

keiler gürtelschnalle bespoke boar buckle

Bespoke belt buckle

If you would like to have your design processed into a unique buckle, I would be happy to support you. Regardless of whether it is a replica of an existing belt buckle or a completely new model. In close cooperation with you, I will manufacture your desired belt buckle (according to your specifications and wishes) - and that from just 1 piece.

Individuelle anfertigungen von Gürtelschnallen nach Wunsch

In other words: if you are thinking about creating your own custom belt buckle, then get in touch!

Create a custom belt buckle

In my workshop in Vienna I have finished plenty of belt buckles for customers with desired initials, based on an existing company logo, club logo, family crest or an own design.

Design your own belt buckle

Your design will be handmade into a unique belt buckle and shipped to your front door. Submit your belt buckle design and receive a free quote!
handgefertigte gützrlschnallen custom belt buckle

Handmade buckles: the production process

I insist on real craftsmanship and for this reason I use casting processes, that are customary in the goldsmithing industry. I know that many competitors use the sand casting process, but in my mind this creates "inferior" results.

Disadvantage of sand casting

 As is visible in the picture below sand casting produces inferior results. My belt buckles are NEVER made using the (inferior)

Sand casted belt buckles

sand casting buckles

As you can see the buckle cast using the sand casting process (top) has a much rougher finish than the ones that I make in my work shop (example below).

Casting brass in sand might seem cost-effective, but it often yields dissappointing outcomes. The process can lead to uneven surfaces, pockmarks, and imprecise edges, resulting in subpar quality. These imperfections make the overall result unsatisfactory and less desirable for producing high quality brass belt buckles.

handmade belt buckle

I never use sand casting process to make my belt buckles because there are so many disadvantages. I prefer using other techniques that I may elaborate on in the future.

Materials of handcrafted belt buckles

Our individually handcrafted belt buckles are made of solid brass, sterling silver or a combination of both.

Finishes of personalized belt buckles

Brass can be polished to a high gloss, brushed matt or oxidized to create beautiful vintage effects. Brass belt buckles (when left untreated) will oxidize over time for a wonderful rustic effect.