Jagdabzeichen portfolio 2018-2024

Hunting badges or insignias (in German Jagdabzeichen) are a central European hunting tradition in which the "Top Gun" of the hunt receives an insignia from the hunt organisers as a sign of gratitude.
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Jagdabzeichen Abzeichen für den Jagdhut
jagdhut abzeichen jagdabzeichen

And the Jagdabzeichen adventure continues in 2024!

jagdfreunde jagdabzeichen


Friendships can be forged in the unlikeliest places. What a great way to forge a frienship!


This tradition is rich in history and symbolism, and these badges can be considered small works of art. Sophie Salm is a talented silversmith and craftswoman who has handmade some of the most diverse and beautiful examples of these Jagdabzeichen. Her work helps to show appreciation and recognition for those who have dedicated themselves to hunting and protecting nature.

Hutabzeichen Jagd kaufen Jagdabzeichen entwerfen

Hunting rooted in age-old traditions, stands as a living testament to the symbiotic relationship between humans and nature. Far from being a mere sport, it plays a crucial role in conservation efforts. Responsible hunters demonstrate a profound respect for both the environment and the game they pursue. As a gesture of goodwill, hunting organisations often donate these insignias, fostering a sense of community and shared responsibility for environmental preservation.

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