jagabzeichen keiler kopf hutabzeichen halder sau
jagdjuwelier haldersau hofburg hutbzechen wildschwein

Hunt insignia Jagdabzeichen: wild boar's head


This hunt insignia or badge features a boar head surrounded by antlers and features a heraldic motif.

This hunting badge is NOT available for general sale and was made to order for a customer. These badges are often referred to as Jagdabzeichen on the European continent and are traditionally worn by hunters on their cap.

Boar's head and family crest - unique craftsmanship meets hunting insignias - Sophie Salm designs the most beautiful hunting accessories as Austria's most elegant hunting jeweler. Please let us know if you wish us to incorporate your family crest or coat of arms in your designs. We are able to make custom heraldry.

Design your own hunting insignia - unique designs and best craftsmanship from Vienna’s favourite hunting jeweler. 

I make this personally in my workshop in Vienna from sterling silver.

German note: Handwerk trifft auf Jagdabzeichen – Österreichs eleganteste Jagdjuwelierin entwirft die schönsten Jagdaccessoires. Keilerkopf und Wappen. Blog: alles rund um Jagdabzeichen

Jagdabzeichen Keilerkopf Wildschwein Wappen

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For the visually impaired this page contains references to

Hutabzeichen Jagd


Hutnadel Jagd

Hutabzeichen Jäger

Jagdabzeichen Hut 

Abzeichen für den Jagdhut