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Shotgun cartridge hip flask

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Shotgun cartirdge hip flask

Try this great Shotgun Cartridge Hip Flask – the perfect blend of style and functionality for the modern huntsman. Crafted in England with precision, this unique flask mimics the iconic design of a shotgun cartridge, making it a standout accessory for any hunting enthusiast.

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Available in two sizes, our Shotgun Cartridge Hip Flask comes in a 110ml and 170ml option, catering to your preference for a quick sip or a longer-lasting libation.
Size: 110ml is 11cm x 3.5cm
Size: 170ml is 15cm x 5cm
The attention to detail in replicating the cartridge design adds a touch of sophistication.
jagdgeschenk schrotpatrone

Whether you're headed to a hunt, camping trip, or simply enjoying the outdoors, this flask is a conversation starter.
Gift your hosts a memorable example and leave an impression that lasts beyond the invitation. Who knows, your thoughtful gesture might just secure you another invitation to the next hunt!


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