Handcrafted belt buckle retrospective

Finest handmade belt buckles retrospective

In her workshop in Vienna, Sophie Salm handcrafts personalized belt buckles in brass or silver.
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These belt buckles are a personalized gift for any occasion. Whether family crest, club logo or hunting motif - Sophie fulfills every wish.
Individual production of belt buckles that are handcrafted from your custom designs. Sophie can make a single piece or a series - for associations, clubs, clan associations and family reunions.
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The following two belt buckles feature the same design of a wild boar in flight, but they are executed in different ways.

The buckle on the left is made from two metals: brass and sterling silver. The boar is carved in relief, and the fur coat is visible. This buckle is a more detailed and intricate piece of craftsmanship.

The buckle on the right is made from a single metal, brass. The boar is also carved in relief, but the fur coat is not visible and the muscles of the boar come to the fore. This buckle is a more minimalist and modern piece of design.

Which do you prefer?

oval and rectangular wild boar belt buckle

Personalized belt buckles: Unique accessories that emphasize your style

Belt buckles are not only practical fasteners for your belts, but also fashion statements that can accentuate your individual style. If you're looking for a way to express your personality while wearing a practical accessory, personalized belt buckles are the perfect choice. Today we take a look at the allure of personalized belt buckles and how they can enhance your look in a very special way. Everyone loves a unique belt buckle!

This oval belt buckle is made from high-quality brass and features a detailed silhouette of a pheasant in sterling silver. The pheasant is beautifully rendered, with its plumage and feathers perfectly captured. The buckle is finished with a polished shine that will make it stand out on any belt.

customized belt buckle pheasant brass silver

Personalized belt buckles

Personalized belt buckles allow you to exercise your creativity and design a one-of-a-kind piece that's just right for you. Instead of settling for mass-produced items, you can play with custom designs, engravings and shapes to create a belt buckle that reflects your personality.

This rectangular belt buckle is made from high-quality brass and features a detailed relief of a Saint Hubert stag. The deer is beautifully portrayed, with its skull, antlers and cross perfectly captured. This belt buckle is a great way to add a touch of elegance and sophistication to your outfit. It is perfect for casual wear and it would make a thoughtful gift for any occasion.


personalized belt buckle hubertus stag brass

What is the minimum order quantity?

Sophie Salm is able to make (almost) any quantity from 1 piece upwards!


Custom belt buckle

From size to material to shape, there are countless ways to customize your belt buckle. The use of high quality metals or other materials ensures a durable and impressive look. With a unique belt buckle you can emphasize your individuality and stand out from the crowd. In a world where trends come and go quickly, the ability to wear an accessory that no one else has is invaluable.

These two custom family crest belt buckles feature detailed sterling silver crests that has been soldered on to the body. The crest can be customized to include any images that are meaningful to your family.

family crest belt buckle heraldry brass and sterling silver

Handmade belt buckles

Handmade belt buckles are created by artisan blacksmiths and other artisans. These unique pieces are made with care and dedication and carry an individual touch that is often missing in machine-made products. Each handmade belt buckle tells its own story and can become a topic of conversation.

This handmade Scottish clan belt buckle is a unique and personal way to show your pride in your heritage. The buckle is made from high-quality brass and features a detailed relief of the clan badge in your choice of Scottish clan. The badge can be customized to include any badges or images that are meaningful to your clan.

family crest belt buckle scot clan badge ranald

Antique belt buckles

Handmade belt buckles can have the look and feel of a family heirloom, passed down from generation to generation. In contrast, machine-made belt buckles from China often lack the soul and vintage buckle look that we all love.

This vintage-style brass boar's head belt buckle is a stylish way to add a touch of personality to your outfit. The buckle is made from high-quality brass and features a detailed carving of a boar's head. The buckle has been aged and patinated to give it a worn look, making it appear as if it has been passed down through generations.

vintage belt buckle wild boar hunt

Brass belt buckle

Sophie prefers not to use sand casting as a method for creating custom belt buckles. While the sand casting process is less expensive, the end result is often of lower quality. Rough edges, dents, uneven surfaces, and loss of detail are the disadvantages of the sand casting process.

sand cast buckles quality

Customized brass or silver belt buckles

Personalized belt buckles are more than just fashion accessories - they are an expression of your personality and individuality. Whether handmade, engraved or made of special materials, a personalized belt buckle will undoubtedly become an important part of your wardrobe. Dare to stand out from the crowd and show your personality with a custom belt buckle?

personalisiertes Jagdbazeichen als Gürtelschnalle bespoke buckle