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What do hunters contribute to society?


I live in Austria and have noticed that many city-folk here have a negative attitude towards hunting. They perceive it as cruel and unnecessary. However, I see hunting and the work of hunters as important for sustainable nature and species conservation. I think that as a society we should be aware that hunters play an important role in protecting and preserving nature.



Hunters make an important contribution to the protection of nature and wildlife. They ensure that habitats for wildlife and fauna are preserved and can thrive. Without the work of hunters, floodplains and wild fields would disappear and alpine pastures would become overgrown. Hunters are dedicated and diligent, helping to ensure that nature is preserved in its diversity and that its animal inhabitants can find sufficient food and habitat. This is crucial for the ecosystem.


The care that hunters show for their game is remarkable. Even in difficult times like winter or during natural disasters like floods, they do not abandon their charges. They make sure that the game is fed in a species-appropriate manner and with special food so that it remains healthy and strong. This also keeps the population of the game in a balanced state, which contributes to a healthy ecosystem. It is impressive to see how the hunters build a relationship with their game and care for the animals' well-being.


Maintaining healthy vegetation is a critical factor in the beauty and well-being of our environment. But when deer populations become too large, they can deplete vegetation and reduce biodiversity. The animals feed on certain plants and can cause damage as a result. To counteract this imbalance, damage caused by cloven-hoofed game must be actively controlled. Only through a balanced relationship between wild animals and their environment can a long-term healthy nature be maintained.


The link between agriculture and hunting is undeniable and of great importance. In order to both support agricultural production and regulate game populations, farmers and hunters work closely together. A constant fight against game damage is a good example of this cooperation. Farmers target land to attract hungry game to protect their crops. At the same time, hunters help control wildlife population sizes to minimize damage to agricultural yields. This collaboration between the two groups is vital to ensure effective use of land resources and sustainable wildlife management.


Car accidents involving wildlife can be dangerous not only for the animals, but also for motorists. Hunters are committed to minimizing these accidents to ensure both animal and human safety. They care for injured animals and help make sure they are taken care of. Often, they are on the job at late hours and must respond quickly to prevent worse. Thanks to their efforts, the number of accidents involving wild animals has already been reduced.


Hunting is much more than just killing an animal as a trophy. Rather, it serves to promote and regulate the game population in harmony with nature. In doing so, hunters attach great importance to ensuring that the animals can live in their natural environment in a manner appropriate to their species. This not only ensures the preservation of the population, but also promotes the biodiversity of game and fauna. A responsible hunter therefore does not act as an opponent of nature, but as its active partner. In this sense, he also contributes significantly to the protection and preservation of natural habitats.


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