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Is the Hare an endangered species?

Humans have the responsibility to protect and care for nature and thus the native wild species.

The Hare, which is widespread in Europe, is on the verge of extinction due to the threat of industrial agriculture. The brown hare is losing its previous food sources and, at the same time, a lack of cover makes it difficult for the hare to hide from its enemies.

Even wild herbs that previously served as its food are being decimated by industrial agriculture.

During training, hunters learn to improve, promote, protect and maintain the habitats of native animal species through near-natural hunting in order to prevent further loss of biodiversity.

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However, if the hare population becomes too high or too low, hunters must use their knowledge to regulate it. Through hunting intervention, the population can be rejuvenated in such a way that the reproduction number is improved.

When hunting hares, hunters walk in a line across fields, stubble fields, meadows or pastures.

There is an extremely effective alternative to hunt hares in a limited area. The hunters form a ring around a field and approach the center at the same time. Of course, the hunters are allowed to shoot only to the rear. Only by cultivated Weidwerk nature with its diversity of species has a chance - only in such a way species protection also functions in the future.

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