jagdabzeichen grandelschmuck jaeger jagdgeschenk
Grandln fassen Jagdabzeichen Halali Magazin Sophie Ledochowski
jagdabzeichen salm halder jagdjuwelier
dirdlschmuck jagdbrosche jaegerin jagdjuwelier jagdabzeichen

Deer hunt trophy as brooch or badge

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This deer hunt brooch comes in sterling silver. It is handmade in my Vienna workshop.

jagdjuwelier jagdschmuck jagdtrophäe halder brosche grandelschmuck grandln

Beautiful Finish. The Pin on the back is tight and Perfect.

fuerstenkrone grafenkrone jagdgeschenk

It can be made to order with 

  • no crown
  • baronial crown
  • crown of an earl or count
  • princely crown

As this is a bespoke sterling silver item made to order please inquire before placing the order.